Kala Vruksha

Hasthakala (Crafts)

    || कलायाः स्रष्टा हस्तैः क्रियते यस्य सः || Kalāyāḥ sṛṣṭā hastaiḥ kriyate yasya saḥ ||

Hasthakala is skilled handwork and craftsmanship, where creativity is shaped through the hands' dexterity. It encompasses various traditional and contemporary techniques, creating unique and beautiful creations that celebrate the union of human creativity and manual skill.

Chithrana (Drawing)

    || रूपचित्राणां कला, रूपाणां चित्रणम् || Rūpacitrāṇāṁ kalā, rūpāṇāṁ citraṇam ||

Chithrana is using lines, shapes, and colors to create visual representations on a surface. It's a creative form of expression that allows for communication, exploration, and artistic engagement.

Chithrakala (Painting)

    || रूपचित्राणां कला, वर्णानां चित्रणम् || Rūpacitrāṇāṁ kalā, varṇānāṁ citraṇam ||

Chithrakala is using brushes to create visual compositions that convey emotions, ideas, or aesthetics. It involves blending colors, techniques, and textures to produce unique and expressive works of art.